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Photography- Pure Art

At PaintedSouvenirs we're art lovers. Yes sir, we love art in all shapes and sizes, and one of our most favorite parts of art is photography! This is because photography has the primordial aim of immortalizing the best moments of our lives. It probably accomplishes this aim even more than photo painting, as a photo is the first work of [...]

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Emotion in Photo Works

Have you ever had that feeling of familiarity when looking at a piece of art? In fact, art stands for inspiration but not any art piece offers this sentiment of finding yourself and your experiences inside of it. This is why today we're going to talk about emotion in photography. Expressing emotion: some of us are great at doing it, [...]

Offering the Best Gift

When I decided to start writing an article on how to offer the best gift, I thought of splitting it in two parts, according to the main types of “gift-givers” out there:  1. Those who put hard work in finding the perfect gift to offer 2. The lazy ones  You will also find a list of gifts that I find [...]

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