When I decided to start writing an article on how to offer the best gift, I thought of splitting it in two parts, according to the main types of “gift-givers” out there:

 1. Those who put hard work in finding the perfect gift to offer

2. The lazy ones

 You will also find a list of gifts that I find useful .

But let’s see together if my perspective on the subject matter and proves  helpful to you.

1.Those who put hard work in finding the perfect gift to offer

I think the name for my first category is a little bit too long so I’m changing it to – ,, Hard working ones’’.

When you find yourself in the shoes of the person about to receive a gift , you should consider yourself very lucky if the gift giver is a hard working one because:

When you receive a splendid, inexpensive gift (it’s not a must for the gift to be expensive in order to look nice, the most important thing is that the person who receives it will love it’), the feeling of happiness is doubled:

  •  you receive the gift (first feeling of happiness),

  • you open the gift (hmmmm that’s more like a feeling of excitement which I’m not going to count :)) ) and the denouement ,the moment when the gift finally finds his owner (the second feeling of happiness).

Imagine this for a second…. This is the feeling we all want to experience every time we receive a gift.

Unfortunately, the inevitable happens to make his own way into our lives and gives us the sad face when finding that the gift we  gave isn’t one we like.

Don’t get me wrong now, if you’re a person who likes expensive gifts, you won’t find happiness or joy when finding a coffee maker instead of a diamond ring- let’s be real for a second.

Let’s put it this way: ,, If you want to offer a wonderful, memorable, adorable etc. gift (call it whatever you like), you have to DO your homework first’’. You can’t or shouldn’t take the test without studying beforehand’


1. If the person receiving the gift  is a family member – consider yourself very lucky because your job is half way solved! All you have to do is to pay attention to your family member’s likes, dislikes, if it’s interested in art, technology, traveling etc. You can cheat a little bit and that won’t count because its for a good cause.

For example you can ask your dad what your mom would like for her birthday. PLEASE notice that not all the dads know what your mom wants, because guess what ,, They don’t pay attention, or simply are not good at providing precious details regarding what to offer this year as a birthday gift’’.

It is scientifically proven that women are better gift- givers than men (men will be the subject to our second category – ,,The lazy ones’’).

When talking about family members, I often hear things  like : ,, the love you show your parents is the most important thing…..’’ or ,,spending more time with your brother can also be the best gift’’. STOP IT!

These are NOT GIFTS! If you count love and attention as perfect gift than you, my friend have to stop and ask yourself if your family is still your first priority.

2.If the person receiving the gift, is a friend (your childhood friend, work mate,neighbour etc) –your work can be more difficult. Now you have to prove your skills. Its the final exam in offering the best gift, because now you have to take into consideration many aspects- likes, dislikes, way of living etc. Any hasty decision can ruin your reputation of ,,High class gift giver’’.
How to do that?

Hmmmm, this isn’t easy at all!

Let me tell you what I do. I sometimes put myself into the shoes of  person receiving the gift.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re not relating to any of your friend’s hobbies and likes. If you do have tips – say, he loves going fishing – you can go straight to the point and get him the ultimate fishing bat, the one that fishes all by itself. 100% pure fisherman’s joy guaranteed.

The whole idea is that you have to put soul in everything that you do and the results will amaze you. When you offer from the bottom of your heart, not only the person who receives the gift will appreciate that, but YOU, my friend, the gift giver, YOU will experience the feeling that you did a great thing. To offer a gift that brings unconditional joy and happiness is, in my opinion, a gift for the gift-giver himself.

Let’s move on to the second category  which I think you might find it very funny :))

    2. The lazy ones

I will describe some situations in which the lazy ones can find themselves. (as I know some of you will find these situations awfully familiar when finding yourself into some situations).

As I mentioned before, the characters from this category are mostly men – so guys, this is for you.Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.43.16 PM

1. Friday afternoon, 3 more hours until you get off work till, when you receive a message: ,, Hi, TIM, I’m celebrating my birthday tonight at …. It would be great if you could come’’.

The result : -Your face turns into multiple grimacing depending on the mood you receive after reading the text message (excitement or exhaustion after a hardworking week, you don’t feel comfortable  postponing your sleeping time as you have to show up at this party).

The reaction of the person who gets excited is the funniest because:
– ,, Oh my God, I will have so much fun, maybe I’ll have a few drinks (few drinks…. If you’re a man few drinks is the most suitable expression to use because it’s vague enough and doesn’t limit your drinking process.
– After all this excitement, when talking to your life partner, she’ll eventually pop  the question: ,, What are you/we going to buy as a gift?’’
This is the  moment when the excitement starts to slightly disappear, but like a real phoenix bird that rises again from it’s ashes, men manage to come up with the perfect solution in order to re-establish the initial feeling by coming up with the following masterpiece :

,,We/I’ll come up with something, we/I will go to the shopping mall and definitely find something nice..!’’.
WRONG: hasty decision = offering a gift just to say you didn’t show up at the party empty-handed.

2. Same time of the week-Friday – you at work, only this time you know from your colleagues that in the evening Tom is celebrating his birthday. And you know that because he invited all of his colleagues a few days ago.
What din you do when Tom invited you? – NOTHING. Did you take the time to ask yourself : ,,What should I buy Tom this year for his birthday? – NO SIR!

By the time you finished asking yourself  what to buy, you remembered that last year you chipped in some money together with your colleagues and bought him a ,,nice’’ pen (at least that’s what you thought it was – ,, a nice gift’’).

CONCLUSION: Last year you had the privilege of finding an easy way out and delegating the gift-finding responsibility.

These two type of people unfortunately outnumber the people that really put in some hard work in trying to find the perfect gift. These kind of people in my opinion are the ones who should really matter to you.
I see myself as a simple person who wrote these words in order to encourage people to act as natural as possible and put a bit of effort in buying gifts. The results will impress you for sure.

Try and offer not necessarily  expensive gifts, but useful ones. You don’t have to fall into the trap of expensive gifts because expensive gifts might not brig happiness to those receiving them.
They say that happiness can be found in the little things.

For those who have the time and curiosity to check some ideas regarding some unique gifts  please have a look at the ideas below:

1. First on our list is a website that turns your picture into a handmade painting   called    PaintedSouvenirspainter2
Talking about the procedure of turning photos into paintings has gained a lot of popularity lately and is better known as personalized art. The cool thing about it is that it offers anyone the chance to be part of a work of art. This is the kind of everlasting gift that you can hang on a wall and cherish for a lifetime, while always thinking about the person who offered you the painting out of love and appreciation.

This is more than just art, it is a sign of cherishment and love. PaintedSouvenirs has  set a goal out of turning your best photos into paintings, as this artful trend in gifts has taken over the hearts of art lovers and is continuously conquering new adepts.

2.Second on our list is Gifts.com .It is a website that can easily be considered the the best in finding a solution to your problem when searching for the best gift.

What  sparked my interest   was that they have a section  called PERSONALITY TYPE FINDER where you can answer some questions and they can come up with an idea for a gift.

How cool is that?

 Imagine….  if you’re ,,the lazy ” person  I wrote about in this article, now you can be lazy but with the help of some professionals….. who knows, you might come up with a solution without doing any extra effort.

I advise you to try it!

3. We couldn’t end our top 3 advises without mentioning uncommongoods.com .

It is a website created for you, the one who wants to find a special gift, a gift made with love.They don’t focus  on  offering gifts that come in high quantity, but in high quality. That is why offering a handmade gift can say more about ,you the giver, and can separate you from the ordinary gift giver.

If you ask me, small details can make the difference between an ordinary gift and a regular one.

I hope my gift for you was an inspirational one and now, when you have the chance to offer someone you like a gift, try and take into consideration the advice I gave you!