At PaintedSouvenirs we’re art lovers. Yes sir, we love art in all shapes and sizes, and one of our most favorite parts of art is photography! This is because photography has the primordial aim of immortalizing the best moments of our lives.

It probably accomplishes this aim even more than photo painting, as a photo is the first work of art created out of a memorable moment.

Actually this article is not about any type of photography, but it treats spontaneity more than anything. So you have probably guessed that street photography is the main character of our article! And around street photography as the main character, there is Gardner Hamilton as the creator of this spontaneous section of photography.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces of Gardner’s street photography works, that inspire not only in a momentary manner, but also for the long term. This is why I might also be tempted to consider his work as having a memorabilia effect.

Now off to my favourite part of the article → showcasing some of Gardner’s works that I find most inspiring:

1. Black and white citadel photography. As casual as this type of art may be, as deep are the emotions it suggests. Capturing two people through the bus window, two random people probably having nothing in common, really suggests that we do have a lot in common even with people we never met before.

Black and White photography

Black and White photography

2. The same deep feeling goes to the old locksmith surrounded by his key creations. Gardner surprised the character’s profession filled with experience and memories in an artful black and white work. Seeing him surrounded by his work suggests a life full of tradition and dedication.

Black and White Photography - Gardner Hamilton

3. And passing from old to new, the next photo work is my favourite out of the black and white set of memories. I would think technology, a new and modern concept, goes hand in glove with black and white art, making it more “human”. Gardner artfully surprised the three girls in their technological break, browsing through their smartphones, most probably on social media.

Gardner Hamilton Black and White Photo

4. Escape is what I would caption this photo work. Escape from everyday stress, worries and the modern prison. I like the presence of the bridge in the photo, and I reckon it symbolizes everything common and ordinary. Escaping from the ordinary is sometimes the best thing to do and I like how Gardner immortalized this, of course through black and white symbolism.

Gardner Hamilton Black and White Photography

5. At the opposite pole from escape lays the next photo work. Probably momentary, but imprisonment is most certainly the leitmotiv of the next piece. However serious it may seem at a first glance though, Gardner managed to capture a pretty loosen up and casual atmosphere. The black and white effect creates a pretty clear distinction between the “good” and the “bad” characters of the photo.

Street Photography by Gardner Hamilton

6. “Running” through life. And I say running as this is what we do every day, even if we may not be aware of it at first. Running to work, running to love, running to please our primary instincts. Today’s society is all about running and speed and there’s not much we can do about it. This one of Gardner’s work surprises this state of facts by focusing on a young face as the main “runner” character.

Black and White Street Photography

Inspiration is there at any time of the day and the night, you just have to have eyes for it – which Gardner has.

Happy inspiration!