General Questions

Yes! We deliver all over the world, wherever you find a close local DHL office. This means any continent and almost any remote area.

We have a fixed transport cost worldwide! This is only 20$ for any country you are ordering from. The cost of transport is added to your total price and so you will have a total, final and definitive quote before finalizing your order!

For the moment we only offer PayPal as means of order payment, which is both safe and effective. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can get one in just 2 minutes, by using your credit card. You can then pay directly and simply for your ordered painting.

The delay of a painting varies in function of the painting size and style. However, this is between five days (for small paintings) and three weeks (for large sized paintings). But if you want urgent delivery for a close anniversary or wedding we can settle that as well, by an extra of 15% of your painting cost and guarantee delivery within your desired time frame.

Our artists are among highly specialized and experienced portrait painters. They can reproduce your photo into a high quality painting, by using the best materials and the best painting techniques, depending on you preferences of medium and style. Anniversary gifts.

The basis of the paintings, the canvas, is made of 100% pure cotton treated with special painting oil before and after the painting is done. This helps for obtaining the best result that will last in time. The canvas is left for natural dry, without forcing the process in any way.

Sure, you only need to mention your preference to receive these at the same time and we will send them in consequence.

You can call us through our Online Chat Console in the website, by phone, by email, or go to our Contact Page where you can find a special contact form that you're invited to use for any questions at all!