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Atvarsfrom Latvia
I gave this painting as a birthday gift. My friend initially thought that it's actually a framed photo because of how real the painting was. After discovering that it actually is a painting, he felt amazed that such artists exist that are able to paint so well and precisely, almost looking like a photo. Everybody in the room agreed that it looks extremely well done and very realistic. Many thanks again for such a well done job.
Karenfrom USA
Thank you so much for this wonderful painting of my cats. I had been searching for an artist for quite some time and on seeing the fabulous work created by Painted Souvenirs I knew I had found the best. I will cherish this wonderful masterpiece always. Thank you Painted Souvenirs so much for all your hard and dedicated work.
Jeff Billiefrom USA
Every year I am faced with the same dilemma – what do I get my wife for Christmas and her birthday on New Year’s Eve? This year was especially important since my wife was turning 60. After “Googling” a number of “idea” websites I stumbled on an article that talked about turning photos into paintings. Within the article there was a link to a website called . This sounded like a good idea so I visited the website. One of the impressive aspects of the website is their Gallery. As you pass your cursor over each painting example, it shows you the original photo that was used to produce the painting. This gives you a good sense of the quality of the final product. I jumped at the idea and ordered two paintings. I was not disappointed. I asked them to do some modifications from my original photos. Catherine, their customer representative, was more than cooperative to accommodate my requests. She promptly responded to my emails and couldn’t be nicer. The two paintings I received were of exceptional quality and my wife was elated at her two presents. By the way my wife has an art degree. Thank you Painted Souvenirs for making my 2014 Christmas and birthday gifts very appreciated gifts by my wife.
Janicefrom United Kingdom
I did a lot of research before taking a nervous plunge to have a painting done. Despite the original photo of my dad being a bit dark, the painting captured the essence of him and when the framed canvas was presented on Christmas Day, my Mum was in pieces. She loves it, we love it and it is now pride of place on the wall. Thank you - this was a really smooth process, good value and the quality of painting and frame are excellent.
Geofrom France
I've ordered the painting as a gift for one of my best friend's wedding and her reaction was wow! To be honest, my reaction was the same when I first got the painting delivered to my home. I will definitely order again, the service was great and the talent of the artists amazed me. A+ for quality and fast service from Painted Souvenirs
Mark & Janefrom USA
Our best friends celebrated 5 years of relationship. We thought to give them something special to remember us. So we've used the services of PaintSouvenirs to create a nice piece of art for them. The price was good and they delivered pretty quickly. And the good part was that we could also write some nice memories for our friends on the back of the canvas.
Angel Annfrom Australia
Thank you for a 100% prompt and professional service. This is one of the best gifts I've ever purchased.
Maryann Wiederfrom Israel
Great service delivered on time! We are very pleased with our painting
Samfrom USA
A perfect wedding gift for our best friends. Thank you PaintedSouvenirs!
Andreeafrom Australia
Thank you PaintedSouvenirs for turning our wedding photo into a beautiful work of art.
Ashley & Tudorfrom USA
Painted Souvenirs took my favorite, tiny photo of my boyfriend and I and turned into a beautiful, large painting. Painted Souvenirs is the perfect solution to enlarging small photos into incredibly detailed and lovely paintings. We love it!
Brucefrom USA
Well, I would definitely give this a 5 star review. I was searching for "unique" gift ideas for my wife's 60th birthday when I saw a reference to PaintedSouvenirs. I checked out their website, saw the work and decided to take the plunge. I knew exactly what picture I wanted. I scanned it and sent it to them. In a week or so, I got a pic of the finished product via E-mail. Because the background of the original photo was quite dark, they made a mistake in my hair. I made some changes and forwarded that back to them and they fixed up the painting in no time and I particularly like the speed of the shipping. I discovered that they ship from around the world, depending on where the image is being worked. Both my wife and I couldn't be happier with the final product. I also sent PaintedSouviners a second photo (favorite of my wife's mother and dad) and had them do the same for my father-in-law. It arrived the day before his birthday and he said it brought tears to his eyes when he opened it up! Way to go, PaintedSouviners, you made me a hero with my father-in-law.
Gardner T Hamilton MFA&Pfrom USA
As a long time international wedding photographer I strive to create great images for my clients and give them something unique. I recently had the great pleasure of dealing with these amazing painted images of photographs and was amazed by their quality and detail. Beyond the photographic image this really personalizes a bride and grooms favorite photo and when hung in the family home really hallmarks the presence of their relationship. A truly modern twist on a traditional take done perfectly. I will be happy to recommend this to all my clients past, present and future. What a fantastic way to immortalize a couples special day and create a wonder family heirloom. Huge thanks and great work!
Sandrafrom USA
Thank you PaintedSouvenirs for my delectable knife oil painting.Had the texture and look I was going for.Definitely on my Christmas shopping list this year!
Billfrom Canada
The painting was a gift for my beloved and they loved it. The excellent quality of service I received was equal to the quality of the finished product!
Peter Stonefrom USA
This was a Christmas gift for my mother with our dog.I can't thank you enough for making such a great job.
Bruce Stealfrom Canada
Could't be happier to give my brother a portrait with his family for his birthday this year!
Ben Hasefrom USA
The painting was a gift for my beloved and they loved it. The excellent quality of service I received was equal to the quality of the finished product!
Andreafrom USA
Having a painting with my baby is a thing I have been wanting for some time. Now, I can hung it on my wall and always have it there to remind me of wonderful times. Thank you for doing a wonderful job. You managed to capture his best features and render the glow he has. I am very happy with it!
Sebastian Cheffrom France
Easy to work with - just follow the simple steps in their website. Then you'll be contacted by them with directions. If everything is ok, they will create the painting and ship it to you soon enough. I was a bit afraid that the painting might scratch due to transportation, but it arrived in perfect shape. A 10+ from me for these guys.
James and Lilly P.from United Kingdom
We would like to thank the painter for a 100% realistic work of art from the photo of our little angel.
Colinfrom USA
Painted Souvenirs did exactly what they said they would, paint a great painting in a short timespan. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
Zachoriafrom USA
Thank so much for beautifully capturing this memory of our first anniversary. I am so grateful to have this to put up in our first home together.